Thombariath Episode 6

(This is all written in old english calligraphy)
On the 53rd of Summer, I visited the mission board and I found Drem milling about. I meet him and gave him a nice handshake, though I seemed to still be waking up and he crushed my hand a little. After I bought us on ale and went to wait for people. The Mission was to find out why ships were disappearing between Amelhausen and Laurensberg.
Soon after a couple rounds Wolt came in and I walked over and throw my arm around him, gave him the mission, and walked him over to the table.
Eventually Cu came in, so I walked over and smacked him on the back on the head, gave him the mission, and then we had out party.
Well we were sleeping a wild pack of Hyenas attacked us, they were lead by an undead Hyena. We quickly killed them all, though for some reason the undead Hyena disappeared after killing it.
On the 54th of Summer, we arrived in Amelhausen and after some planning we split the party. Me and Drem went on the main boat and Cu and Wolt went on the rowboat I bought.
Not long into the day we found out why the ships were not making it to Laurensberg, the river was being dammed by some Hyena half breed, Gnolls. There were 8 minos and 1 leader. I jumped off the boat and stoke the landing, then after a while we kill of them and destroy the dam. I ask the captain if he can take my boat with him and leave it in Amelhausen, to which he was very happy to do.
We decided to stick with the boat till the open seas to help guard it, but we ran into no trouble. Wolt spotted a ruined tower, so when we were let off we decided to check it out.
On 55th of Summer, we arrived at the tower. We were quickly greeted b a Ettin, compared to the Zombies we fought a few short days, ago, I ended up dealing the killing blow. by chopping its heads off.
We found some loot in the top floor, it took us a while to get up there.. A few people fell a few feet to get there…
The walk back to Amelhausen was quite, even though it took 4 days. We looked around where the dam was, we found every clear tracks to look into after we take some rest at Amelhausen. We got to the town on the 60th of Summer.

Thombariath Episode 5
Punchin' Ghosts and Piledriving Zombies

Forward to the reader
This log is written by Rein Arnan, scribe to the Adventurer’s Guild in Ekartsroth, on behalf of the deeds and adventures had by Drem Cree and his companions on the dates between Summer 46th and Summer 52nd. I hereby swear on my duties as a Scribe that these words have been written exactly as told and described to me.
Rein Arnan

Week and half after village burn. Moon almost gone from night sky. Summer half gone. Found city by river, stopped for food and drink. Found pub, door stuck, almost broke it off. Don’t like stone buildings. Makes people weak. Approached by strangers, something about a Contract? I don’t know. This city confuses me. Decide to go along, promise of treasure. Nothing else going on. Why not? Find what destroyed nearby town. Pain returns, recent wounds re-opened.

Late afternoon, Lizard-men attacked. They fought dirty, left them facedown in the dirt. No honor, no remorse.

Morning uneventful. Late afternoon, ambush by Spirits. Hard to combat, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Took some hits, licked wounds, kept marching. Village not far now.

Next morning, village in sight. Buildings destroyed. Stone walls make them weak. Only one body, chewed. Unsettling. Trail leading northeast. We go northeast.

Mid-afternoon. Squad of flesh-eaters in path. Had some fun, made them chase rocks, then put them back in the ground. Further along path, big building. Tried sneaking, didn’t work. Attacked by horde of flesh-eaters, but managed to make them hunger no-more. Inside, ritual. Hulking Sewn-Flesh and robed one. Hulk turned on it’s master. Needs more discipline. Turned on us, tough battle, but prevailed. Many riches, many scars. A good day.

Headed back to stone-city. Trip uneventful, good for healing bruises and aches. Lizard-man turned in paper, handed bag of gold. More where this came from?

Maybe city isn’t so bad…

Thombariath Episode 4 - The Bandits are coming!
Taken from the journal of Cù

The 40th day of Summer

Finally, I have arrived in the city of Eckarstroth. After asking directions for the nearest inn, I was pointed towards The White Flask. Upon entering, my eyes were immediately drawn to a large, burly looking dragon-born. It seemed that he noticed me as well. We met and, in the greeting customary to all folk who possessed mighty strength, we clasped arms and flexed. As soon as we did this, the loose and flimsy rags we wore shredded off of us, revealing the gleaming armor of the dragon-born and my bare chest. It was because of this that I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the gods smiled down upon me that day. One by one, I was introduced to other members of a group of adventurers. Though colorful, with characters such as Eireamhon and Nestam, they were all fairly accepting and friendly. I was invited to join this interesting group to complete a contract. Together, we went to the adventure board that was set up in the tavern to pick a job. We noticed a lonesome figure also looking at the board, a young man who seemed to be bristling for some reason. We decided to invite him as well. He seemed quiet, but grateful to be in a group. As a whole, we decided to go and retrieve stolen cargo. The new addition, whose name is Wolt Pherae, seemed hesitant and mumbled something about “stinking goblins” but offered no resistance. We took the job and set out soon after with Wolt leading the way.
As we hiked to Brandstein, we found at one point that we were surrounded by Goblin soldiers. Immediately upon establishing this, Wolt whipped out his longbow and we initiated combat. As far as fighting goes, it was not my best battle by any stretch of the imagination. It was good however, as I was able to ascertain a fair amount about my compatriots and their ability in combat. Nestam and the dragon-born Shamash seemed most capable and confident, with Eireamhon not far below them. Wolt seemed to have skill but was on a personal mission and also seemed a little uncertain at times, indicating his newness to the situation. I took a bolt to my chest, but managed to kill the goblins I charged. After combat concluded, we scoured the bodies looking for anything of use, and found little beyond loose change.
We then continued on our way, stopping just a short distance from Brandstein. We set watches, with Shamash leading, myself second, Wolt third, Eireamhon fourth, and Nestam last. Later that night, as Shamash and I are switching watches, we hear something just beyond vision. Curious, I went out to investigate, and discovered a bugbear waiting for me. As I turn to run back to the group, it manages to get a swing off at me, bashing my shoulder and nearly dropping me. I skid back near the fire, yet for fear of what else may be out there I keep my voice down as I urge my companions to awake. Behind me, I hear a roar followed closely by a whooshing sound and the crackle of electricity. I turned to see the last vestiges of electricity fading as many bugbears grunted and groaned in pain, with Shamash between us and the foes. Our party woke at the the great clamor, and rushed to action. As everyone moved, Nestam managed to put some of our foes to sleep, enabling us to deal even more efficiently with them. We coordinated the attack upon the bugbears still standing and subdued them, then finished the sleeping ones. As the battle ended, I came to the realization that my heart was racing and I had flown into a battle rage. Taking some time to calm down, I looked around at the remains of the bugbears. It was a quick, if almost disastrous encounter. At last, the night passed and I was able to rest and recover from my wounds.

The 41st day of Summer

At last we arrive in Brandstein, a simple town made up mostly of hunters. Feeling many eyes upon us, I elected to stay as close to our group as possible and as silent as I could. We asked around about the stolen cargo, as well as the bandits who stole it. Our search led us to a nearby logging camp that had been recently raided by these ruffians. Shamash goes to the loggers, trying to communicate with the loggers by writing for some reason. This attempt, however, is futile, as the loggers begin to react by pulling away and becoming hostile. I quickly step up and explain for my muscle-bound friend who we are and our purpose in being here, diffusing the situation. Wolt continues to investigate the matter of the bandits, and we learn the location of their camp, as well as their numbers and strength. After learning this, we decided to make camp at the log camp for the night.
I woke up from the urgings of Eireamhon, who quickly explained that he had heard a disturbance and one of the loggers was going to scout it out. As we decide on a plan of action, a scream echoes from the north and the sound of villainous mockery follows soon after. We hastily forced all our members to rise and prepared to fight. Once we are ready, we attack the enemies, Shamash leading the way. Wolt makes special note of his enemies, singing out “Sorry, just business” as opposed to his usual derogatory comments. I think he may have some sort of vendetta against the race of goblin-kind. The bandits begin to drop like flies before our offensive, which is a little disappointing. I run up to a bandit and run him through the heart with my spear. Two bandits turn to me for vengeance, and I cackle at them derisively. One manages to land a blow, but I withstand. An insult so pure in its form is launched from the mouth of Nestam, causing such mental anguish to his target that the bandit seems to be more injured than before. Shamash attempts to finish another bandit, but is unsuccessful. A few more attacks miss them before I turn to them. Using my spear, I impale yet another bandit through the heart. In the face of this brutal turn of events, the last bandit turns to flee, but not before I whip my spear back around to him and pierce his heart as well. With that, the battle was concluded. We find another logger dead with an arrow in his chest. I try not to feel too bad, but I still feel guilty for not taking more action to save him. We set watches of our own, then fall to sleep.

The 42nd day of Summer

We press on towards the bandit camp to finish our mission. We sneak up to the camp of the bandits and survey it. It is a loose assembly of tents and a structure, with bandits throughout it. After much deliberation, I decide to test honor of these opponents by challenging them all to single combat, despite the protestations of my friends.Before I have a chance to act though, Wolt takes a shot, yet for some reason he only used one hand to shoot his bow (I still marvel at the amazing feat of this attack, botched as it was) and so missed his target. I then ran into the camp and issued my challenge to them of single-combat before my vision blurs with rage and my adrenaline spikes. From there, my recollection blurs. We fought and triumphed over our enemies, until my focus was jarred by a sword slash across my face. I felt faint, but continued to fight a massive man wielding a serrated blade. I am told that while I was busy being nearly eviscerated by my foe, my friends dealt swiftly with the rest of the bandits and tried to help me, but were deterred by my fury. At last, Shamash attacks the man from behind and lands a vicious blow, driving him to the ground. He counters with a massive blow of his own, but Shamash stood stalwart. At this demonstration of the defiance of the rules of honorable combat, my vision glazes over again. When my rage abates, I see my spear embedded in my enemy’s heart. The final bandit was asleep on the ground, and we decide to interrogate him. With my spear positioned over his heart, he awakes and we question him. We learn from him that we slew all his friends, the shipments he took and where they kept their goods. Upon learning what he stole I felt an internal conflict. This man had been a part of a group that ravaged and killed, but at the same time they took things for necessity, not luxury (or so this Alard would have me believe) and they attacked the loggers for encroaching on their hunting territory. I quickly set this conflict aside as I knock Alard unconscious. We load the stolen goods onto a cart, and I receive healing, noting the nasty scar stretched out on my visage. We leave the now near deserted camp, and I leave him a note instructing him to regain his honor. We find a place to rest, and we have a night of peace.

The 43rd day of Summer

After a good night for rest, we set off once again to deliver the reclaimed goods. We returned to Brandstein and complete the task, delivering the goods. We have our contract stamped, signifying the completion of our task. We stay the night at Brandstein, and Nestam plays for our lodging fee. The crowd doesn’t take it too well, but nobody really complains and we don’t have to pay for the night. I scratch absently at my scar, marveling at its effect on my looks.

The 44th day of Summer

We travel close to the river and make note of the signs of fighting and increased goblin and kobold activity. We find a place to rest for the night and the night passes uneventfully.

The 45th day of Summer

We have returned to Eckarstroth and collect our due reward for completing the mission. The spoils are divided amongst us. (I received a new and better sword, which may prove useful, despite the fact I have almost exclusively used my spear until now.) Nestam departs with two men I have never met, apparently going on a long journey north. I will miss him, as his potent wordplay both helped his friends and harmed his foes. I am certain that this is truly the path I must travel, as this group of adventurers is set on a path to glory. But I am concerned about the morality and ethics of this group, and so make it my task to improve that aspect of this party. Regardless, I feel as at home as I could in exile, and that brings me happiness. I will continue to hope for the completion of my goal that I may return, triumphant, to Emer.

Thombariath Episode 3
Threat of the Perythons

Summer 33rd
—Nestam and Istaric join up in The White Flask, a common meeting place for beginner adventurers. After talking for a bit, they decide to check the Mission Board and look into the Perython attacks around Golwitz. Thinking they might need backup, the recruit Shamash and the new face, Eireamhon the Druid. The party set off soon afterwards and headed to Muggenbach. They stopped about half-way into their trip when Shamash heard fighting in the distance. A group of Goblins and Kobolds were fighting each other. Nestam and Istaric made a bet on who would win, the Kobolds died and Istaric was 20 gold richer. The party finished off the remaining two Goblins and took what little riches they had. They party then made camp for the night.

Summer 34th
—The party arrived at Muggenbach in the afternoon, Nestam was able to secure free bedding for his companions at the King and Tankard. Nestam spent the afternoon playing for his innkeeper friend as payment for the room.

Summer 35th
—The party rented horses and headed to Golwitz. Nothing was encountered on the road, and Golwitz was uneventful. The party investigate the Perython threat and learned the general location of their lair. The beasts were prone to hunting humanoids and gave the hearts of their victim as part of a mating ritual. The party stayed the night at the Serpent & Toad, a Dwarven owned inn on the outskirts of Golwitz.

Summer 36th
—The party headed north into the mountains, searching for their prey. They found an empty nesting area, and waited for the owner to come back. The Perython attacked and was easily defeated. A few corpses lined the inside of the nest, along with two large eggs. The party decided to take the possessions of the fallen as a memento, when another Perython attacked. This one was larger and quite a bit tougher, but the party pulled through. The party then decided to burn the nest and eggs, and made camp in another clearing. Later that night, a troup of Orcs came to the camp. The party was able to hide in time and ambush them. Two fell quickly to Istaric’s flames, the rest proved a bit of a challenge and took the rest of the party’s combined efforts to take them down.

Summer 37th
—The party made their way back to Golwitz, returned the mementos to the innkeeper, and received credit for the mission. They decided to stay the night and travel back to Muggenbach the following day.

Summer 38th
—The party rented horses and made it back to Muggenbach without trouble. They then stayed the night again (Thanks Nestam!).

Summer 39th
—The party took an early supply ship back to Eckartsroth, turned in the mission, and went their ways for the remainder of the day.


Thombariath Episode 2

(This is all written in old english calligraphy)
On the 25th of Summer, I meet up with Danil Norn and we went into the guildhall to find some work. We settled on helping someone in Müggenbach, but we need some more party members.
Some, other, bard was playing a somewhat catchy tune, but I didn’t want two bards to come with. So I was happy to see when an wizard type, came in looks for a party, so with the help of Danil, we convinced him to join the party. So as it became noonish, the only other person in the guildhall was the bard I overlooked earlier, I looked up and saw the bard stand in front of me and he asked to join us. I nodded yes, a bit wary.
We than left to head too Müggenbach, but we came across some goblins and a Bugbear. After some nice lighten breath on my part and the Wizards burn the Bugbear to a crisp, it was soon over and we had a nice meal of deer as a reward from the now dead goblins.
The next day we came across a man sitting on a fallen tree, saying we need to pay him ‘5 gold a person’ to pass. The Song bard’s hit a wrong key and the other bandits decided to attack us.
After stabin my sword up the chest of one guy and thrown the dead bandit at his friend, the next second the Wizard fried him, the last bandit gave up. I dragged the first bandits dead body on top of him as he gave us some gold.
We then entered Müggenbach, and the Song band apparently was here and got us free rooms for the night.
After we all woke up, we set out to find who we were to help. It turned out to be an old dwarf. He said he need the day to get ready, so we milled about the city.
I went to the herb shop and managed to scary the shopkeep, ugh Elvis…
I saw the Song bard take the weapons he took of the bandits yesterday into the city and later he didn’t have them anymore. He may have sold them or gave them away, I don’t know.
We all awake at dawn and went to the Dwarfs place of business, he than said we were later….
After that we all set forth to Eckartsroth. Though the dwarf was navigating and I am pretty sure he barely remembered who we were, let alone where we were going.
We followed the river all day till we got around where we rest the other day. The dwarf ate and then fell asleep. Each of us took watch in groups of two, to make sure nothing happened and nothing did.
As we were traveling today, we were attacked by some sort of plant creatures. Just before they blinded the Song Bard.
The dwarf nailed one in the chest with his crossbow, after the wizard weakened it. I cut one in half as it leaped at me. I am not totally sure how the third plant thing died, but I saw the Bard whispering something just beforehand. Than with the last I cut off its tail, to look at later.
Though the rest of the day was nice, but we got lost…
We arrived in Eckartsroth today and let the dwarf off to finish his business, we asked him how he would get back and he said he was going to Amelhausen via boat tomorrow.
Later that day we decided to go to Amelhausen as well, to help clear out something in the sewers.
(Their is a LARGE section written in angier to the point of being ineligible. Though their is something about a carpet and how the Song Bard is worth more or less than 7.5 gold)
I am better now.. We entered the sewers and came across some weird creature, we later determined it was a transmutation abomination. It would seemly deflect our attack as we attacked it. Though again it died after the Bard whispered something….
Allens encounter log
25th of Summer
Party: Shamash, Bard (Danil Norn), Song Bard (Nestam Whillop), Wizard (Istaric)
Encounter: 2 Goblins, 1 Bugbear
Killed: Shamash killed 2 gobos with breath attack, Wizards killed 1 bugbear with fire bolt
26th of Summer
Party: Same
Encounter: 3 Bandits
Killed: Shamash killed one by stabbing up his chest and then threw at one of this bandit friend, The wizard fried a one of the bandits, The last gave up, shamash drag the first and drop on top of him
27th of Summer
Party: Same
Encounter: (None)
28th of Summer:
Party: Same, 300-old Dwarf
Encounter: 4 Plant-things
Killed: The Dwarf nailed one in the chest and it went flyin, Shamash cut one in half, Bard whisper something and kills one, Shamash cuts off the tail of one
29th of Summer:
Party: Same, 300-old Dwarf
Encounter: (None)
30th of Summer:
Party: Same
Encounter: Spider-Hook-Thing
Killed: Bard whisper something and killed the weird things
31-32 of Summer:
Party: Same
Encounter: (None)

Thombariath Episode 1
24th Day of Summer

(This is all written in old english calligraphy)
On the 17th of Summer, I went to guildhall to find some work. It pretty easy to find a nice contract to clear some caves in Hiemhofen, but I didn’t think I do it myself so I waited for some people to come in.
I meet Lombard Lloyd first, it seemed a bit out of place. He was still wearing his scholar’s robes, but he seem to be able to handle himself. Later on I wanted to punch Lombard, but I didn’t..
After that I convinced Danil Norn to join the party. The Warlock, Lombard, seem to like him for the most part.
We went through countless other potential party members, the Warlock rejected them all..
The last person in the hall was Eireamhon Aherne and because he was the last I took him on as a member, ignoring the Warlock.
We came to some weird cave that we think some Dwarves must have used at some point, it is long abandoned now.
I woke to find an ogre charging our camp, the four of killed it quickly. With me dealing the final blow and nearly chopping its head off. The Warlock almosted died, but the Bard revived him and gave him some healing after kill the ogre.
We Finally arrived in Heimhofen and got directions to the cave, but it was late in the day so we decided to stroll around town. The inn-keep also had a great hi
We came to a nice little herb shop, must visit again, run by a nice Half-Ogre. The Warlock was his usual ‘Polite’ self and got barred from the shop. The Druid also made him smell like a skunk, it was quite funny. I picked some supplies and than we all rested for the night.
The next morning we went out to go find out what was in the cave. We got there and found 3 large birds, which we quickly killed. We found a person in the cave, looks like the birds were eating him over time, the Druid and I made a stretcher and brought him back to town. The townsfolk were very happy and bought us many drink and paid for our lodging the at night.
On the way back to Eckartsroth we got lost and lost a day for travel, but we got back safely and collected our rewards. I am sure I will see the Bard, Druid and the Warlock again soon.


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