A gifted wizard on a quest for knowledge



A human wizard, 22 years of age, with Steel-blue eyes and black hair.


Istaric is a wanderer. A pilgrim of sorts. Ever since his childhood, he has never settled down in one place for more than a few weeks. This is due, largely, to his lack of a proper home. When he was an infant, he was stolen from his crib by a mercenary group of thieves. This group had been hired out by a family of mages that rivaled Istaric’s own. The thieves delivered him to the rival family’s house, the Draen, who began to raise him as their own.

As time passed, Istaric grew. When he came of age, his surrogate family began to teach him magecraft, all the while withholding the truth of Istaric’s origin from him. Being a very intelligent and creative thinker, Istaric had a natural gift when it came to the arcane arts. This allowed him to excel in his training. But while Istaric had a natural thirst for knowledge, he realized that knowledge without guidance is pointless, even dangerous. This epiphany led to Istaric maturing morally, impressing both his teachers and his parents.

At last, the time came when Istaric had reached manhood. His introduction into wizardry complete and having reached his full maturity, he desired to go into the world and make something of himself, all the while helping whoever he could. The night before he left, however, The Draen revealed to him the truth. That Istaric had been stolen from his true family, The Seren, who had since gone missing. Shocked, hurt, and outraged, Istaric left almost immediately. Taking what he can, Istaric now wanders from place to place, searching for The Seren, all the while doing everything he can to help those around him.


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