Nestam Whillop

A talented bard, with an ancient secret


Race: Human
Class: Bard
Born: Autumn 47
Age: 26


Early Life
Second son of Harben and Wren Whillop, Nestam could never get the hang of his father’s work. A blacksmith by trade, Harben worked tirelessly with his apprentice and eldest son Quin to forge and repair various armaments for the Adventurer’s guild, while Nestam could barely hammer a bent sword straight. Nestam usually spent his time wandering about the outskirts of town. While exploring a few days after his 7th birthday, Nestam heard for the first time.

It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, and it changed his life forever.

Since that day, Nestam had dedicated his life to the study and pursuit of the Song. Learning from professional Bards and vegabonds alike, Nestam learned the Song permeates the very fabric of reality and using it as inspiration for his performances allowed Nestam to affect the minds of those around him.

Nestam strives every day to make the best of every situation and surpress conflict with his moving performances and an occasional illusion. More of a thinker than a fighter, he uses his mind and cunning as a weapon against those he cannot pacify with his silver tounge.

Constantly aloof and curious about the world around him, others tend to get annoyed with his behavior. After spending time and getting to know Nestam, they usually mello over and accept the eccentric bard for what he is; an ally to be trusted and a fearless tactician who will always have their back.

Fighting Style
Though he would rather charm and beguile would-be assaliants, Nestam is not afraid to plunge into the thick of battle. Not as strong as most others on the battlefield, Nestam relies on distraction and subterfuge through either a well-placed illusion or a cluster of tormenting mental attacks that often leaves his targets in a daze.

If that doesn’t work, Nestam isn’t above simply stabbing assaliants with his trusty Rapier.

Skills and Hobbies
When not adventuring or talking himself into trouble, Nestam is usually found trading gossip or performing at a local inn or tavern. Using his stellar musical talent, he often leads a moving performance capable of softening the hardest of hearts and captivating his audience. On the rare occasion his musical talents aren’t wanted, Nestam practices his illusions or listens to the sounds of the universe, hoping for another verse of the Song.

While adventuring, Nestam is always willing to pass the time with a light-hearted tune or story to raise the spirits of his party. Nestam also keeps a log of his adventures, noting unique locations and making sketches of creatures he’s encountered before. If you ever see a creature poster at your local Adventure Hall with the initials N.W., you have Nestam to thank.

Nestam Whillop

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