Group Roles

On any given session there should be 4 player characters. Each player will have a role, corresponding to some position either in game or out of it.

Adventurer: This player has the final say on what the party will attempt to accomplish this session. They are also the character that writes up the adventure log and submits it to the guild. Out of game, they fill out the adventure log for the session, and until they do so no-one gets experience.

Mapper: This player’s goal is to prevent getting lost in any environment, keeping track of where the party has gone already. When the party is at a loss in a dungeon, it is their duty to choose their next path. They are also the character that adds to the guild’s knowledge of the realm. Out of game, they are responsible for adding information about discovered locations to the wiki.

Treasurer: This player’s job is to keep track of the wealth that the players have discovered and, more importantly, appropriated. After an adventure, it is their job to distribute the wealth, and they hold the final decision when two or more players want a specific piece of treasure.

Guide: This player’s objective is to make sure that the party gets to where it is going. They perform the navigation checks, making sure that the party doesn’t get lost when navigating the wilds. In addition, they hold the final decision as to how a social engagement should be dealt with.


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