Thombariath is one of the largest empires in the known world. Founded by adventurers like you long ago, Thombariath has not forgotten its humble beginnings, and instead of shunning adventurers it embraces them. By maintaining a strong centralized Adventurer’s Guild, the empire is able to relegate most issues to adventurers instead of an established military. While any god’s worshipers are welcome in Thombariath, a visitor will find many more shrines to Tymora in towns, because of the higher than normal adventurer population.

Major Cities

Obermosbach is the capital city of Thombariath.

Enest holds the largest Academy of the Arcane on the continent, as well as the largest open marketplace of magical trinkets.

Simmringen is the newest city on Thombariath, boasting the highest adventurer population because of the relatively unexplored wilderness nearby.

Rudesheim holds the central church of Thombariath, a structure designed to be open to any form of worship. Many smaller chapels and shrines exist in this city as well, dedicated to specific gods or ideals.

Eckartsroth is the location of the Adventurer’s Guild, and is located in the most troubled area of the empire.

List of Towns



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