Wolt Pherae

The archer from the woods


A young archer eager to prove his worth and to end the lives of those who have wronged him. Wolt stands at five foot ten inches tall, and only weighs 130 pounds, a lad of the woods and well versed in survival and nature.


Wolt is the last of the line of Pherae, who (according to his father) were once a renowned line of archers. Raised in the woods and taught the importance of his family’s past, Wolt swore to carry on the tradition of archery, merely a necessity to others, but sacred to them. At an early age, Wolt learned how to shoot a bow and flourished in his abilities under his father’s tutelage. However, such happiness was not to last.

When Wolt was seven, his father was slain by goblins, scattered by a kobold conflict. His mother had suffered a similar fate at the hands of kobolds when Wolt was nearly two years old. Suddenly alone in this world, Wolt swore solemnly by the trees that he buried his parents at that they would pay.

Years passed. Wolt’s vengeance at first took on the form of the occasional stray goblin completely peppered by arrows, far beyond the point of death. With every goblin that he slayed, he was fully aware that there were two more goblins off somewhere killing more innocents. He slowly transitioned from mutilating the bodies he procured into more deliberate, careful killings: the odd kobold sentry, hanging from a tree, a hobgoblin with a single arrow in its neck just before it could speak.

Wolt is now nineteen years old, and his desire for vengeance is no longer blinding, but ever present. He no longer jeopardizes his life and others unnecessarily for the sake of his own goals, but knows that should the opportunity arise, they will all perish, and the world will remember Wolt and the line of Pherae, regardless of whether he continues it himself.

Wolt Pherae

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