Thombariath Episode 5

Punchin' Ghosts and Piledriving Zombies

Forward to the reader
This log is written by Rein Arnan, scribe to the Adventurer’s Guild in Ekartsroth, on behalf of the deeds and adventures had by Drem Cree and his companions on the dates between Summer 46th and Summer 52nd. I hereby swear on my duties as a Scribe that these words have been written exactly as told and described to me.
Rein Arnan

Week and half after village burn. Moon almost gone from night sky. Summer half gone. Found city by river, stopped for food and drink. Found pub, door stuck, almost broke it off. Don’t like stone buildings. Makes people weak. Approached by strangers, something about a Contract? I don’t know. This city confuses me. Decide to go along, promise of treasure. Nothing else going on. Why not? Find what destroyed nearby town. Pain returns, recent wounds re-opened.

Late afternoon, Lizard-men attacked. They fought dirty, left them facedown in the dirt. No honor, no remorse.

Morning uneventful. Late afternoon, ambush by Spirits. Hard to combat, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Took some hits, licked wounds, kept marching. Village not far now.

Next morning, village in sight. Buildings destroyed. Stone walls make them weak. Only one body, chewed. Unsettling. Trail leading northeast. We go northeast.

Mid-afternoon. Squad of flesh-eaters in path. Had some fun, made them chase rocks, then put them back in the ground. Further along path, big building. Tried sneaking, didn’t work. Attacked by horde of flesh-eaters, but managed to make them hunger no-more. Inside, ritual. Hulking Sewn-Flesh and robed one. Hulk turned on it’s master. Needs more discipline. Turned on us, tough battle, but prevailed. Many riches, many scars. A good day.

Headed back to stone-city. Trip uneventful, good for healing bruises and aches. Lizard-man turned in paper, handed bag of gold. More where this came from?

Maybe city isn’t so bad…


DerpaholicPrime Juoven

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