Thombariath Episode 6

(This is all written in old english calligraphy)
On the 53rd of Summer, I visited the mission board and I found Drem milling about. I meet him and gave him a nice handshake, though I seemed to still be waking up and he crushed my hand a little. After I bought us on ale and went to wait for people. The Mission was to find out why ships were disappearing between Amelhausen and Laurensberg.
Soon after a couple rounds Wolt came in and I walked over and throw my arm around him, gave him the mission, and walked him over to the table.
Eventually Cu came in, so I walked over and smacked him on the back on the head, gave him the mission, and then we had out party.
Well we were sleeping a wild pack of Hyenas attacked us, they were lead by an undead Hyena. We quickly killed them all, though for some reason the undead Hyena disappeared after killing it.
On the 54th of Summer, we arrived in Amelhausen and after some planning we split the party. Me and Drem went on the main boat and Cu and Wolt went on the rowboat I bought.
Not long into the day we found out why the ships were not making it to Laurensberg, the river was being dammed by some Hyena half breed, Gnolls. There were 8 minos and 1 leader. I jumped off the boat and stoke the landing, then after a while we kill of them and destroy the dam. I ask the captain if he can take my boat with him and leave it in Amelhausen, to which he was very happy to do.
We decided to stick with the boat till the open seas to help guard it, but we ran into no trouble. Wolt spotted a ruined tower, so when we were let off we decided to check it out.
On 55th of Summer, we arrived at the tower. We were quickly greeted b a Ettin, compared to the Zombies we fought a few short days, ago, I ended up dealing the killing blow. by chopping its heads off.
We found some loot in the top floor, it took us a while to get up there.. A few people fell a few feet to get there…
The walk back to Amelhausen was quite, even though it took 4 days. We looked around where the dam was, we found every clear tracks to look into after we take some rest at Amelhausen. We got to the town on the 60th of Summer.


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